For kids

Детское меню

Da Albertone is one of the first restaurants in St Petersburg that created all the conditions for a family trip to a restaurant. Here, all members of the family can feel comfortable. Adults can eat and drink, while kids can play games, watch cartoons while being looked after by a nanny and pick their favorite dishes from our kids menu.


We have all that is necessary to arrange a kids party: large room near the kids playroom, chairs to feed smaller children, kids menu, homemade lemonade and beautiful cakes for the occasion from our pastry chef.

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We also offer to organize cooking master classes for kids birthday parties to make it the most creative birthday party for your child and his or her friends.

To order a table near the kids playroom or book a special event for your kids, please contact our restaurant, or click here.

Kids playroom is open during the regular business hours, nanny is present in the kids playroom from Friday to Sunday, also on holidays and upon request.

Table Reservation

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